The Chino Pumas Track Club is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization,
dedicated to providing a fun training environment while learning life skills
such as the importance of self-discipline and self-belief. The training and
competitions will foster interest, participation and competitive excellence,
while stressing the importance of good sportsmanship and respect for
others. Young athletes will have the opportunity to compete in a wide
range of events appropriate for their respective age and experience level
while developing sound character and athletic advancement.
Ray "Grandpa" Ortiz (Left),
Original Pumas Track Team in 1978
In 1978 a five year old girl named Jennifer Ortiz attended Briggs Elementary
School.  When the school was looking for a parent to coach the track team,  
Jennifer said, “My Grandpa can do it”!  At that point Ray “Grandpa” Ortiz was
volunteered and the history of the Pumas began!

The school team participated in the Southern California Municipal Athletic
Federation (S.C.M.A.F.) meets.  Soon, other schools in Chino wanted to
participate in track meets so they began practicing with “Grandpa”.  Since the
SCMAF season only consisted of three meets, and the kids desire to continue
competing persisted, the Pumas elected to join the Southern California
Association of U.S.A. Track and Field.  Coach Grandpa Ortiz and the kids chose
to name the track team the “Chino Pumas”.  The Chino Pumas competed locally
with the L.A. Jets Track Club and the Orange County Blue Angels Boys Track and
Field Club.

In late 2005, Ronald Crockem moved here from Louisiana with his family, and
was looking for a team for his daughters to train and compete with in track and
field events.  By early 2006, he found the Chino Pumas Track Club, and soon
joined Grandpa in the coaching of the team.  “Coach Ron” worked very closely
with Grandpa, and shared the same appreciation for the long and rich tradition
of Track and Field.

Throughout the years our club has served as a catalyst propelling young
athletes into major universities in and out of state.  Some of these include, but
are not limited to; C.S. Davis, UCLA, UCSB, Cal Poly SLO, Cal Poly Pomona,
University of Montana, S.F. State, Western Montana, Eastern Illinois, San Diego
State, University of New Mexico, New Mexico Highland, Eastern Michigan,
Nebraska, C.S. Northridge, University of La Verne, Western Kentucky, Eastern
Oregon, Washington State University and Arizona State University.

Sadly, Coach Ray "Grandpa" Ortiz passed away on January 13, 2015.  Coach Ron
has taken over as head coach, and will continue the Chino Pumas legacy in the
training of our youth in track and field, honoring Grandpa and all he has
Chino Pumas Track Club
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