**Please do not register yourselves for USATF....the club will do this for you. Thank you!

The following fee information is a preliminary estimate:

Club Fee For Season:
$110 per athlete for current Grade K-6 students
*(includes $20 registration fee for USATF Registration)

$75.00 per athlete for current Jr. High School (7th -8th grade) students
*(includes $20.00 registration fee for USATF Registration)

$35.00 per athlete for current High School students
*(includes $20.00 registration fee for USATF Registration)

*If you paid your
initial USATF fees during the 2016 Cross Country season
enrollment, fees will be $20 less as you are current though the end of 2017.

Meet Entry Fees:       

$100-$150 (for the entire season).  This amount varies based on the number of
events the individual athlete participates in and the meet type. Meet entry fees will be
paid either to the host club directly or to the club secretary.  If pre-registration is
required for a meet, there are no refunds beyond the registration deadline and no
changes to events beyond the deadline regardless of participation.


Approximately $45-$50 (jersey, shorts) required.  This amount is subject to change
and may be higher for adult sizes.  We will do our best to keep costs at a minimum.
Optional warm up suits are only available to order at the beginning of the season and
are $60-$65, depending on size.

Additional Information:

Team uniforms generally consist of a jersey, shorts and a warm up suit (optional).
Each participant will have the opportunity to purchase these items from the team.  
Participants will need a pair of standard running shoes, and an optional pair of track
spikes depending on the event.  Spikes must be 3/16 pyramids per regulation. If this
is your first season, we recommend you consult with one of the coaches before
purchasing anything.
For your convenience, please print out Registration packet
and bring with you to initial practice:

2017 Track And Field Registration Packet